ECHO Features

We work tirelessly on creating features that help you get the job done. Learn about them here.


Patented technology ensures your tool starts with ease. Every time.

Fast Idle

A simple trigger release will set your ECHO chainsaw back to idle mode.

G-force Engine Air Pre Cleaner

G-Force engine air pre-cleaner reduces your chainsaw’s engine exposure to dirt and debris, meaning less maintenance.<…

Side Access Chain Tensioner

Quick Draw

ECHO tools patented Quick Draw system allows hooking and unhooking your chainsaw with one movement.

Digital CDI

Digital controlled CDI (capacitor discharge ignition) provides easy starting and smooth acceleration.

Auto Choke

Solenoid valve at carburetor controls amount of fuel according to engine temperature.

Ventilated Backpack Pad

ECHO's ventilated backpack pad provides cooling whilst you work, which reduces sweat and fatigue.

Rotational Control

Patented tube design negates the gyro effect.

Posi Lock

Ensures fast and secure pipe connection for your backpack power blower.


Draws air equally from both sides, using a patented fan design.

High Torque

When conditions get tough, high torque gives your nylon head the power boost it needs to breeze through dense brush.<…


Spike for added precision when cutting.

U Handle

For heavy duty work where precision and comfort are paramount.

Loop Handle

Designed to increase maneuverability and comfort.

Tip Guard

Protect your hedge trimmer blades from accidental damage.

Rotatable Handle

Switch the handle position for optimal cutting comfort.

EZ Lock

ECHO's EZ Lock feature makes attaching and detaching your blower's tube a breeze.

Electronic Control System

Provides effortless starts and enhanced performance.