Choosing the Right Trimmer: A Guide for Spring Lawn Care

Spring is almost here, and it's time to get those lawns under control. As you gear up for your lawn care routine, selecting the right trimmer, brushcutter, whipper snipper, weed-whacker or whatever you call it, is crucial for achieving that pristine look. At ECHO, we understand the importance of finding the perfect trimmer to suit your needs. In this guide, we'll walk you through the factors to consider, compare different trimmer types and features, and offer valuable tips for maintaining and using trimmers effectively.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Trimmer:

Lawn Size and Terrain:

Evaluate the size of your lawn and the type of terrain you'll be working on. For smaller yards with flat terrain, a lightweight trimmer may suffice. However, larger properties with uneven terrain may require a more powerful, maneuverable trimmer.

Power Source:

Choose between petrol powered or battery powered trimmers based on your preference and convenience. Petrol powered trimmers offer more power, mobility and uninterrupted usage but require regular maintenance. Battery powered trimmers provide flexibility and are much quieter, making them ideal for smaller yards.

Cutting Mechanism:

Consider whether you prefer a string trimmer or a blade trimmer. String trimmers are versatile and suitable for edging and trimming grass, while blade trimmers are better equipped for tackling tough weeds and dense vegetation.

Comparison of Different Trimmer Types and Features:

Petrol Powered Trimmers:

Offer excellent mobility and power, as well as fast refuelling, petrol powered trimmers are great for tackling professional jobs, large properties, or residential yards.

ECHO petrol powered trimmers are equipped with professional, 2-Stroke engines that are made in Japan.

Petrol engines require regular maintenance, including fuel mixing and spark plug checks.

Battery-Powered Trimmers:

Provide cord-free convenience with rechargeable batteries.

ECHO e-Force 56V Trimmers and Brushcutters are ideal for large residential blocks, as well as professional contractors and acreage.

Our most popular trimmers:

For home and acreage use

SRM-222ES/L - Light weight and easy to start

SRM-237TES/L - Light weight, easy to start with standard Speed Feed 400 head. Also compatible with optional cutting blade

For home, farm and professional use:

SRM-2621TES/L Light weight and robust commercial trimmer with high torque to power through any task. Compatible with optional blade.

DSRM-2600/L ECHO 56 eFORCE 56V battery trimmer that provides petrol - like performance. Compatible with optional blade, and interchangeable battery with all ECHO 50V and 56V battery products

Tips for Maintaining and Using Trimmers Effectively:

Regular Maintenance:

Keep your trimmer clean and free of debris to ensure optimal performance.

Check and replace air filter, and spark plug annually for optimum performance.

Use quality trimmer line, and replace or blades as needed to maintain cutting efficiency.

Follow manufacturer guidelines for oil type, and oil and fuel mixture ratio for petrol powered trimmers.

Safety Precautions:

Wear appropriate safety gear, including eye protection and sturdy footwear, when operating a trimmer.

Ensure bystanders, pets, and obstacles are well clear of the trimming area to prevent accidents.

Familiarise yourself with the trimmer's controls and safety features before use.


Maintain a steady pace and angle when trimming to achieve a consistent cutting height.

Edge along footpaths, driveways, and garden edging for a polished finish.

Avoid over-cutting or scalping the lawn by adjusting the trimmer height and angle as needed.

At ECHO, we offer a range of high-quality trimmers designed to meet the demands of all users, from gardening enthusiasts to fully feldged profesionals. To see our range of products and learn more, please visit